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How to be Happy - The Science of Happiness and Feeling Positive in Life

The Magic of Happiness!

The Magic of Happiness® program will empower you with proven scientific insight on how to be well on purpose! Enjoy learning about the latest discoveries psychology tells us about living an awesome life. In the 1990's professors and the like switched their focus to studying those of us who are extraordinary well rather than those who are extraordinarily suffering. Experts now understand that learning about what makes someone ill mentally does not mean in turn that person will now be happy and live a fulfiling life. Join me through various activities to better understand these new incredible findings. Take home tips and suggestions are also imparted so that you and your community can experience this difference at home and for the long term. This program is available for 1 hour or over 3 days depending on your interest in deepening your knowledge on this life-changing subject. In my opinion, nothing can be more important!

How to be Happy - The Science of Happiness and Feeling Positive in Life

This easy to follow video is great at explaining the main findings and benefits in positive psychology. A special thanks for Happify and Memorize Academy for collaborating to publish this great snap shot learning tool. ENJOY! (7 min watch)


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