Personal freedom, love, & laughter!

Who's Vliss?

I'm Vliss! A creative, entrepreneur, dancer, instructor, speaker, life coach, and an all around funny person with lots of ambition!



Perspective is everything.

It colors this life experience which means it influences your attention. A huge factor in life is your "Attention". It is the fuel that brings forth the type of future you will encounter.

P.S the future never comes. It is always the eternal NOW. So savor it every chance you get and every chance you REMEMBER. 



Hey you! So here is a little about me;

Mainly, I am obsessed with Positive Psychology, licensed in many styles of Zumba® , a certified Belly Dancer, and currently I am finishing my studies to be a Holistic Life Coach. 

I was born in Rochester, NY but raised in Atlanta, GA. My early upbringing was not glamorous to say the least. I experienced many troubles in my early childhood yet my life has been thankfully getting better ever since!

In light of some of those troubles, I gravitated toward the arts and general positivism!  According to my mother, I have been dancing since I could walk. (She has frequently told me the story of me dancing crazily to "Shake your pants".) In addition, according to my father, I have always been the person to care for others and as he would say it " I root for the underdog". 

In college at Georgia State University, I realized how much I naturally love to assist others in building confidence and that I am a very creative person. This realization of my artistic abilities was not just in the traditional sense. In consequence, I eventually caught the entrepreneurial AND travel bug years. Those adventures influenced me to be an active producer in this world and for my life.

I gained an insatiable appetite for learning to ensure this new goal of mine would manifest. I have continued my education with many other universities online or with in person workshops with various organizations. I am also certified in Mental Health First Aid as well as CPR/AED/FIRST AID among other things.

I'd love to share more, but I think it would be better on video. That is, better for me since I am not much of a writer, and because most people these days like and are expecting visuals over the written word. 

Until then, please look around the site and feel free to reach out!